A luxury fleet or something unique

Our funeral fleet consists of distinctive silver Mercedes Benz E Class vehicles and include limousines for family members. Our limousines are fitted with sealed perspex screens to comply with social distancing measures introduced after the coronavirus pandemic. Each limousine is able to safely carry up to six people in the back.

Additional cars can be arranged for key participants. Children and babies can also be included in your transport plans but you will need to provide the necessary car seats. All our limousines have the facility to play music while you travel.

A meaningful journey

Perhaps you’d like the driver to take in a favourite route or drive past a significant landmark? We know how meaningful that last journey can be and will work with you to customise the route as you desire.

Something different

As every funeral is unique you are also free to consider other forms of transport. We can arrange a horse drawn hearse, motorbike convoys, tractor fleet, vintage buses, vans or decorated trailers. Feel free to let your imagination run to what’s ‘just right’ for you and your loved one, here’s a selection of alternative options.

Arrange a Funeral FAQs

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Is there a cost difference between a burial and cremation?

The choice varies depending on which part of the country you live in. Urban areas have good access to crematoria but burial ground spaces are increasingly limited. Conversely, rural areas have plenty ground but are further away from crematoria. The costs vary between the regions so call us to find out what the options are for your area of choice.

With coronavirus restrictions, my funeral will be private. Can you help with celebration arrangements at a later date?

We can assist with all elements of event planning for a funeral including celebrations after - whether they are on the same day or at later date. Whether you want a simple tribute or an extravagant memorial event, we're here to help you and your loved ones.

Are we limited to the number of cars?

As of July 2020, our entire fleet of limousines will be fitted with screens to comply with the social distancing restrictions following the coronavirus pandemic. This means you can have as many cars as you like, bearing in mind there may household limits set by the Government which will continually evolve. As these restrictions ease, we can explore coaches or other options for larger groups.

I am worried about thanking everyone who attends...

We can help. As there are limits on who can attend a funeral, we offer online obituaries where people can leave online tributes and messages of condolence. You can provide details about the funeral before or add messages of thanks after and then link from your own social media. In the future, when larger numbers are once again allowed, we can provide attendance cards for mourners to sign or leave a message of condolence. We collate them for you after the funeral so you can focus on saying goodbye.

How long should we keep the ashes?

There's no right or wrong answer. Retaining ashes is a very personal thing. Some people want to scatter them at a later date, others can't bear to part with them. We can help by providing practical storage advice and guiding you to make the decision that is most fitting for you and your family.

Can we take the flowers home after the funeral?

You can keep or leave, all or part, of any tribute just as you please. Often a memento is taken by family members or sometimes sprays can be donated to a church, hospice or nursing home. There is no "rule".