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You’ve heard the phrase: “there are two certainties in life: death and taxes.”

What’s less well known is that planning ahead for one’s funeral tomorrow can actually help improve their tax position today.  And as the tax-year end approaches, interest in funeral prepayment plans usually rises.

Planning for a funeral can be done at any time, by anyone and it doesn’t need to cost a penny.  But for those that want to fund their funeral as well, funeral prepayment plans are a safe, simple and reliable way of ring-fencing money.  In doing so, the plans lower the tax liability of each individual as well as offer significant savings in the future when the funeral is required.

Where are the savings?

Once you have decided what type of funeral you want, our funeral director will prepare an estimate based on today’s prices which includes:

  • Our professional fees – fully guaranteed so that no matter how much prices rise in the future, you’ll get the service you chose
  • Necessary third party costs: the crematoria or cemetery fees, flowers, newspaper notices, venue and officiant fees just to name a few. These are not controlled by us so our plans factor in an allowance to cover the costs now, and taking future inflation into account where possible.

When the ISA deadlines loom, we see a rise in people buying plans for themselves, for elderly parents, and for other dependents.

Savings are not just monetary.  Not only are funds secure, plan holders are removing the burden of decision making from their loved ones at an already difficult time.

How do our plans differ from insurance policies or over 50’s plans?

Put simply, any savings you have access to can be put towards a funeral. A funeral prepayment plan will have been costed by experienced funeral directors who know what things cost to ensure youget what you want. The ability to fix our professional fees, plus the allowance for the otherelements you may want, mean you are as covered as you can be. And in the rare situation when afamily actually spends less than the plan value, it’s possible for us to refund families the difference –and that always brings on a rue smile.

If you want to explore funeral prepayment plans, or just make a free Plan of Wishes, have a look at our website for details on both, and our page on costs which shows exactly what’s included.

Then, give us a call.  It costs nothing to have a conversation.  But to get the funeral you want, while saving money at the same time ‐– well, that’s priceless.